When you’re looking for your next home, the obvious place to start looking at properties is online. You can browse the market from your Chesterfield and get an overview of what’s available.

Using websites, like Rightmove, Zoopla, etc, is just one way to explore your options. An even more effective solution is to speak to local estate agents in the areas you’re most interested in.

A skilled property expert will listen to your story and ask you about what you’ve loved about your previous homes, what you’ve needed to be different, and what you’re looking for from this home. They’ll be able to hear the “needs” amongst your “wants”.

This is something that can only be done between humans. The connection, the empathy, and the understanding from an experienced professional gives you, as a potential buyer, a firm foundation. From this foundation, you can research and scrutinize as you search for ‘The One’.

One of the most special parts of the relationship with an estate agent is their honed match-making skill. It is this magic ingredient that gives you opportunities to discover the homes that the estate agent knows are right for you.

These could be properties

  • that are already on the market that you’ve discounted for some reason
  • that haven’t come to the market yet
  • that you say you’re interested in that aren’t even on the market.

Investing in your relationship with your estate agent means that you are more likely to find your perfect property quicker and with less stress.

Property professionals are some of the best connected in any community. This means that you get to receive the best recommendations for people like financial advisors, solicitors, and local tradespeople.

Once you’ve found the right property, you then will have the best home-buying team working for you to get the transaction through as smoothly and rapidly as possible.

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